Monaco Grand Prix preview

Monaco Grand Prix preview

After canceling the race in Imola, Formula 1 is back for one of the most glamorous races on the calendar: the Monaco Grand Prix.

Not only that, but Monte Carlo is also one of the most particular venues on the calendar. Its layout stretches through the tight streets of the Principality, making it one of the most difficult tracks for drivers, that will have to brush the walls without touching them, creating millions of dollars of damage. The average speed is under 170 km/h. Thus, efficient aerodynamics and a good set-up are key, but more than that, the mechanical performance of the car will be a protagonist.

Who's going to come out on top?

Monaco might be a good occasion for Aston Martin, especially for Fernando Alonso, who is chasing his 33rd victory. With short straights and slow-speed sections, Red Bull won't be able to use all its top-speed advantage (especially with DRS). Therefore, should something go wrong in qualifying, or should Aston Martin just be quicker pace-wise, it will be tough for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to continue Red Bull's win streak.

It's going to be a very important weekend for Mercedes, too. The new parts brought in Imola will debut in Monaco. From the first pictures from the paddock, it was already possible to see visible differences in the side pod area. It will be crucial for them to understand how the developments will work, and most importantly, if they work better than the previous philosophy.

Ferrari might also have a chance in Monaco. Charles Leclerc has never been lucky in his home race, but if the SF23 struggles in high-speed tracks, in slow sections the car seems to behave better, and Leclerc and Carlos Sainz could aim for high positions in the Principality.

The midfield proved to be tight, and there were changes of positions in the pecking order from race to race. Monaco might prove to be a great opportunity for some, and a disaster for others. Strategy and a good set-up will be key to getting points. Staying away from the unforgiving walls will be crucial, too.

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