Emilia Romagna GP at risk amid red weather alert?

Emilia Romagna GP at risk amid red weather alert?

As incredibly risky and dangerous weather conditions are affecting the whole Italian region of Emilia Romagna, the race at Imola might be at risk of cancellation.

The entire month of May has brought a lot of rain in the region. Already two weeks ago, AlphaTauri had posted a communication that the city of Faenza, where the team factory is based, was struggling and suffered damages due to floods and heavy rain.

Fast-forward two weeks and the situation has got even worse. A red weather alert was declared by the Department of Civil Protection in many parts of Emilia Romagna, with the city of Imola being in the most dangerous zone.

We are writing this article to inform all the Formula 1 fans of what is going on and clarify whether the race will take place or not. However, before that, we want to send our thoughts to the people of the affected zones. They are going through a tough period, and hundreds have been forced to leave their homes for safety reasons.

Situation at the track

Meanwhile, the French journalist Laurent Dupin of CanalPlus has posted on his Twitter account that the whole personnel of the paddock was evacuated for safety reasons. Also note that right beside the track, there is the river Santerno, which was at high risk of overflowing. It's possible to see that on the Instagram account of Skysportformel1.

It's only Tuesday, and by looking at some local weather websites and apps, it seems that the weather conditions should slightly improve by Sunday. However, it should still rain on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but a lot less than in the previous days. For Sunday, the situation is still unclear, there might be light rain till 2 PM or just some rain during the night. Of course, those are just weather forecasts, and we cannot predict what is going to happen exactly.

Another issue, though, is the river next to the track. Even if it's not going to rain as much as at the beginning of the week, it snowed in the mountains, and the capacity of the river might be exceeded. That wouldn't allow the cars to race around the track, and it would also be a dangerous situation for all the people in the paddock and the fans.

Despite the mentioned risks, teams and personnel are traveling to the track and there hasn't been a communication of the race being canceled. There is nothing official yet, so we'll keep you updated on the situation.