Fernando Alonso and the search for glory

Fernando Alonso and the search for glory

It’s time to talk about Fernando Alonso’s fantastic start to the season. The Spaniard achieved his third podium of 2023 last weekend in Melbourne – three races, three podiums for the Asturian driver so far.

The last time he claimed three podiums in a row was in 2013, driving for Scuderia Ferrari. Almost ten years later he did it again, but now with an Aston Martin. It’s now normal to see his name inside the top 5 at every session, including practices, and being a contender for the pole.

Everyone who is a fan of the sport is delighted with his performance so far. He looks extremely confident and seems to be Max Verstappen’s main threat – all in deep contrast to his last season with Alpine, in which he seemed frustrated and uncomfortable with his pace.

When the announcement of Alonso’s move to Aston Martin was finally revealed at the end of 2022, most were asking if it was worth it for the team to welcome such an experienced driver that was near retirement, instead of a promising young talent. However, the question is now answered: it was.

His age is always something to talk about, but race after race, he continues showing what he’s capable of doing despite being 41 years old. After all, age is just a number. “I’m feeling like I’m 30 and I’m better prepared now than in 2003,” he said.

Currently, he is P3 in the drivers’ championship with 45 points, only nine points away from second-placed Sergio Perez.

However, it is important to note that Aston Martin has already suffered technical problems with Lance Stroll’s car, which made him abandon the race at Jeddah – so, not everything is good news. They must work on every necessary aspect to keep, and improve, their current form.

Alonso must find a way of keeping his concentration and not enter any unnecessary rivalries that might affect him on track as they did in previous years, like with Lewis Hamilton in 2007 or with Esteban Ocon last year. Whether he can stay in the fight for podiums and high spots in the championship remains to be seen.